Question 1.  "What is the Hyleg?"

Hyleg literally means "life-giver."  Any planet or place in a horoscope that contributes to keeping the native alive is said to be Hyleg.  A particular place in a horoscope can also be Hyleg.  In all horoscopes, the Sun is Hyleg, no matter it's Cosmic State or placement in the chart for, if the person is alive, the Sun is always the constant source of the giving of life.  Any planet, placed favorably to the Ascendant is a Hylegical planet, IF it is in good Cosmic State.  For instance, a Venus Exalted in Pisces, making a Trine Aspect, within 1 degree of the Ascendant, would be a Hylegical planet.  However, if the Venue were in Aries, making a Trine to the Ascendant, it would not be Hylegical because Venus is not in good Cosmic State in Aries.  If one had a Jupiter at 15 degrees of Cancer, without afflicting aspects from another Planet, then where Jupiter sends its Trines (15 Pisces and 15 Scorpio) would be Hylegical Places.  Jupiter's Sextiles would be sent to 15 Taurus and 15 Virgo.  These would not be Hylegical Places, because Jupiter does not have any particular honor in these two signs.  So, if a horoscope contained the indicated configuration with Jupiter, a person would never 'leave physical form' while the Ruler of their Ascendant was Transiting 15 Taurus and 15 Virgo because Jupiter would be contributing to the physical life force.

In contrary, any horoscope also has a planet in it that is called the Anareta.  The Anareta is "the planet that takes your life away."  The Anareta will always be involved with physical death.  The Anareta is, however, rarely the planet that rules the Eighth House of Death.  The formula for finding the Anareta will not be given here because people become morbid when they know this information.

The good thing is that you can have more than one Hyleg and yet there is only one Anareta to a horoscope.  That means your chances of staying alive are always better than your chances of leaving physical form.  This is similar to the "built in benefit" in any horoscope.  Jupiter is called the Great Benefic and Saturn is called the Great Malefic.  But, Jupiter moves through the entire 360 degrees of the Zodiac every 12 years, its average Rate of Motion being 5 to 15 minutes of space a day.  Saturn takes about 30 years to move through the 360 degree Zodiac, its average Rate of Motion being about 1 degree per month.  Therefore, your changes of having good fortune are 2 1/2 time your chance of having bad fortune.